Triathlon is a discipline that gives rise to various problems. Racing without socks, with wet or damp feet can cause the risk of rubbing with the shoes around the foot and toes, fingers and heels. This could turn into blisters and cuts that could compromise performance. Not to be overlooked is an element like the neoprene wetsuit. Indispensable for those who practice sports like triathlon, complicated both to wear and to take off, especially if you want to do it in a short time. It could generate abrasions to the neck and arms due to the rubbing of the fabric with the skin.

Running / Trail Running

In Running, one of the main problems encountered among athletes is the irritation of the inner thigh caused by the rubbing of synthetic shorts or skin on skin. To it can be added the nipple grain: very sensitive area, subject to irritation and lacerations due to technical fabrics of tank tops and t-shirts. Even foot problems are not to be overlooked: the risk is to rub with the shoes around the foot and toes, toes and heels; complications from which abrasions and painful blisters can arise.


Cycling is a sport that involves traveling long distances. In this sense, one of the main problems the athlete may encounter is redness and discomfort at the saddle on the bottom, the most delicate part of the body in contact with the bike. Because of the rubbing between the skin and the bottom, very painful irritations can arise. All this, further aggravated by the sweating and humidity of the wet shorts.

Skiing / Ski Mountaineering

Skiing and Ski Mountaineering are two disciplines practiced by those who love the mountains in winter. For both sports, both for pro and amateur the boots are an essential accessory. The use of this type of equipment leads to continuous rubbing of the foot against the boots themselves, causing annoyances such as irritation, lacerations and blisters. This situation can compromise the performance of the athlete during a race, or more simply ruin a pleasant day in the mountains


Football is a sport that involves very high playing rates. The player during movements and matches makes movements that lead him to have sudden stops and restarts. Common problems to those who practice this sport are irritation caused by knits in technical fabric, discomfort inside the thigh and blisters caused by soccer shoes.