The shoulders are an area that could be particularly stressed by sports equipment. Specifically, reffering for example, of mountain backpacks, camelbaks, baby carriers that create friction and rubbing especially in races or long-term training sessions.

Inner Thigh

In sports such as running, triathlon, basketball, soccer and trail, a common annoyance among athletes is the irritation of the inner thigh. The cause can be identified in the rubbing of synthetic shorts or leather on skin. Applying K-Fit in the affected area is a way to prevent such problems.

Feet and Ankles

In Triathlon, competing without socks, with wet or damp feet can cause various problems for the athlete. The risk is to rub with the shoes around the neck and sole of the foot, fingers and heels. Also in football the use of new shoes can cause annoying blisters. The use of K-Fit in sensitive areas is essential to prevent rubbing, cuts and blisters that could compromise performance.


It represents a very sensitive area, subject to irritation and lacerations due to technical fabrics of tank tops and t-shirts. Problems in this area can also be caused by bra and cardio belt, which create friction and friction of fabric on the skin. The K-Fit anti-rub spray is a valid alternative to patches (which tend to be removed with movement and sweat) or creams (they tend to absorb quickly and quickly).