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K-Fit sport spray is the first product designed to eliminate any kind of discomfort created by friction and rubbing of fabrics, footwear, sports equipment on the athlete’s body.
Its composition makes K-Fit moisturizing, emollient, refreshing, resistant to water and sweat and not greasy on your hands.
Discover all the features that make it a unique product, to support the athlete to ensure the best conditions.

360 degrees

anti friction

hands cleaned

cooling effect


anti blistering


Sport Addicted

K-Fit was created to satisfy the need of thousands of athletes who dedicate themselves every day to their sporting passion, allowing them to avoid problems caused by external factors before, during and after their performance.
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Recomended application points

K-Fit is the anti-rub and anti-blister spray, easy to apply, non-greasy and resistant to water and sweat. Discover all its application points and get the most out of your sport.
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